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Lazy Sunday & Car Seat Install

It’s the Chronic (WHAT!) les of Narnia…

I enjoy this SNL digital short. I realized a dream when we visited Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

Later today, we’ll embark upon the installation of the Graco car seat deal into the trail rated SuLiberty. I imagine this to provide another reality check for us. The Graco Snugride appears to possess some awesomeness. I’m also picking up a few Clif Bars for the hospital bag to keep me nourished during SulliLabor.

I mean, it’s not like they offer expectant dads epidurals. Cripes.


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Brutal Baby Names

The last thing I want to do is judge names. What do you think about Judge Sullivan?

Actually, let’s be frank–bad names are really funny…and awesome.

And we just might pick a bad name, b*%$ches!

But as we ponder SulliName it got me thinking about some pretty unfortunate words to be listed on a social security card. Bad names don’t make people bad. Bad names don’t decrease likeability. They’re simply bad names. Period.

With that said, I’d like everyone who reads this post to reply to the post with a bad name they’ve encountered. Feel free to use an alias, er bad name, if you’d like to protect your identity. But we all know you do it.

I’ll start: Le-A. (pronounced, Le-dash-uh)

TEARS: I laughed at the following three SNL skits/digital shorts as NBC featured SNL on the 2000’s this evening. Ironically, I’d say the 2000’s struggled overall, but these portions were really funny. I will continue to say the Onion News Network is consistently funnier.

Funny #1
Funny #2
Funny #3


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