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Think About This

Here are a couple of great stories/links that will get you thinking.

Speaking of thinking, I think what I want to make sure I do as a Dad is to take time out to think once in a while. Constantly, I’m told I won’t have any extra time once SulliBaby arrives. I get that, but I want to make an effort to take a moment each day and simply think.

With that in mind, think about this stuff:

-White Sox Converted Shortstop Pitching Well
The Southsiders aren’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball in 2010, but one story that will make you feel good is that of Sergio Santos. Read this feature from the NY Times.

-Celebrate National Letter Writing Month With The Things Unsaid Project
We all have things we wish we would have said at some point. Here’s a remedy for that: The Things Unsaid Project. I can tell you I will be writing a letter. Why? Because whether it’s a regret, a missed opportunity or simply forgetting to say it, ‘it’ needs to be said. Plus, letter writing is a lost art. Make it a point to write a letter a month for the remainder of 2010. I bet you feel better and you’ll make someone’s day. I’m giving it a whirl.

-Mummy Blog Has Some Quick Tips For Me
I came across this WordPress blog by accident. I’m glad I did because it made a lot of sense to someone like me who, no matter what, will be a Dad by Friday night.


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Due Date, Shmue Date

April 23rd.


With no SulliBaby on the due date let’s take a look at the UIC Office Baby Pool once again to see who has been eliminated.

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One Day Left, No. One Draft Picks

With one day left in the 26 Days of Awesome and to celebrate tomorrow being SulliMom’s due date, I thought it would be fun to ponder naming our child after one of the Chicago Bears‘ first round draft picks throughout history. This, on a night when the Bears did not have a first round draft choice and Tim Tebow goes before Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy.

This is all assuming SulliBaby is a boy. We have no idea if it is a boy.

Here are some of the potential names based on Bear first round draft picks as told by NFL.com. This partial list below also provides a decent amount of depression when thinking about the production of some of these players. But the full list also features no less than 20 All-Pros and at least six Hall of Famers (I think, just by sight). Some quick thoughts on this list:

-Three derivatives of Walter (Walter Payton, Walt Harris & Wally Chambers)
SulliMom would prefer Chicago’s 1940 pick, Bulldog Turner, to go along with Butler.
-My Top Five (Cade, Stan, Otis, Lionel, Rufus)

Chris (Williams)
Greg (Olsen)
Cedric (Benson)
Tommie (Harris)
Michael (Haynes)
Rex (Grossman)
Marc (Colombo)
David (Terrell)
Brian (Urlacher)
Cade (McNown)
Curtis (Enis)
Walt (Harris)
Rashaan (Salaam)
John (Thierry)
Alonzo (Spellman)
Stan (Thomas)
Donnell (Woolford)
Trace (Armstrong)
Brad (Muster)
Wendell (Davis)
Jim (Harbaugh)
Neal (Anderson)
William (Perry)
Wilber (Marshall)
Willie (Gault)
Otis (Wilson)
Walter (Duh)
Wally (Chambers)
Lionel (Antoine)
Rufus (Mayes)
Dick (don’t call me Espinoza, Butkus. Only UIC Athletics readers will get this)
Gale (Sayers)
Bulldog (Turner)
Sid (Luckman)

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Q & A With SulliDad

I’ve had many questions filter in from across the country. Many of which have been awesome in nature. I’d like to take a moment and answer those this evening while watching the Blackhawks. Come on guys, Nashville? It’s worse than losing to Cleveland. But the Sox won tonight. Thankfully we very well might have the best pitching staff in the AL.

Question: Do you know what gender SulliBaby is? -Art L., Iowa City, IA
Answer: No, we are awaiting a surprise. But I think it’s a boy. Thanks Art!

Question: What will you name the baby? -Lois K., Fullerton, CA
Answer: We have a few top choices, but think Irish and plain.

Question: Will you breast feed or go with formula? -Dr. Smitt, NY, NY
Answer: Neither. SulliMom will take care of that.

Question: Have you been getting plenty of sleep? You know, you must get your sleep now! -Lorda M., Hillcrest, IL
Answer: I’ve been sleeping fine. However, I’ve looked into it–you can’t bank good sleep now in order to use it once a newborn starts keeping you up at night. It’s science.

Question: How do you keep your fabulously toned lower body despite the stress of being an expectant father? -Herb F., Galveston, TX
Answer: Thanks for noticing, Herb. It comes down to two things: drinking water and running 12 minutes per day. Oh, and generic vitamins from Target.

Question: I saw your wife and she has really curly hair. How does she keep it so curly? -Regina R., Cicero, IL
Answer: It is a natural curl, Regina. However, she does nurture the curl with a couple of products that we found at the Maxwell Street Market.

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DEFCON Stalemate, SulliDad To Begin Baby Beard

After another rendezvous with a VD, SulliMom was told that dilation had not changed since last week. The waiting game continues.

Which got me thinking…

As the NHL playoffs heat up, playoff beards are all the rage. Unless you’re Patrick Kane and you struggle with facial follicles and decide a playoff mullet is the right way to go. With that said, I think it’s time for an awesome Baby Beard.

No shaving until SulliBaby arrives. Damn’t. Who’s with me?

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DEFCON One And Some

Slight progress has been made by SulliBaby in his/her journey to life outside SulliMom’s condo.

After visiting with a Vagina Nurse–the VD we were scheduled to see was at the hospital and I guess the other 36 VD’s were busy–she investigated. The dilation is a bit over one.

This is good news that progress is being made. The due date is April 23. I think we both believe she’ll go a little later than that. But they won’t allow us to go past April 30, we were told yesterday.

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The Gentle Giraffe Stands Tall

SulliBaby's cradle ready for sleep activation. To help, the Gentle Giraffe is poised to play a role.

As the days go by, preparation for the arrival of SulliBaby increases in earnest.

SulliMom has completed most of the laundry with the specific baby-friendly detergent. Cradle is complete (see photo). Crib is prepped with mobile. Hospital bag is packed and ready in the back of the SuLiberty.

And I am breezing through The Happiest Baby on the Block. Great read so far; I’m learning stuff. I’ll provide a full review upon completion.

Along the same lines as the book–calming a fussy baby–is a product that seems pretty awesome upon first interaction.

Enter the Gentle Giraffe by Cloud B.

It was one of a bevy of Tsunami gifts we received–I’ll have to check on the benefactor.

I’m learning that keeping the newborn’s environment as similar to SulliMom’s internal condo will be key. The giraffe provides some soothing sounds, including static white noise that replicates what it sounds like in the womb, a faux heartbeat intended to duplicate Molly’s heartbeat and safari sounds. I did a little test run and nearly returned to my old pacifier. We’ll see how it works in the regular season soon.

Off to Vagina Doctor in a bit. In addition, it appears we’re picking up our official wedding photos today.

I was worried the baby would arrive before wedding photos. Can you say, IRISH-CATHOLIC?


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