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This article from Read, Write, Web provided a little insight into what could be in store for the next generation, which will include SulliChild.

According to the research firm Gartner, 50% of PC’s purchased for users under the age of 15 will have touchscreen technology by 2015.

Awesome fact.

That’s pretty nuts.

But when you consider that 18 years ago I was plugging away at Oregon Trail on an Apple IIE, not an iPhone, I guess progress is inevitable. But will the traditions of childhood really go the way of Cubs pennants?

That remains to be seen, but I hope to blend old school and some new school with our little one as he/she grows up.

I came across this story using one of my new favorite online tools: Google Fast Flip. Check it out.

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SulliChild Souvenir Poll

As I sit in the royal village of Baaaaarrrrrrington awaiting the appropriate time to make an appearance at SulliMom’s Baby Shower, I am boring the dogs Mona and Libby. BUSTER is currently caged, but did get a quick break from captivity.

With that said what souvenir shall we bring back for SulliChild?

Mona (left) and Libby (right) are quite bored with blogging.

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The Countdown Begins – Awesome

There are 26 days until SulliChild has been predicted to exit his/her current address for more spacious surroundings.

There are 26 (.2) miles in a marathon. SulliParents have completed 10 marathons in total. (SulliMom with seven) Can you believe Molly already is planning on running the Disney Marathon in January ’11? She is amazing. I’m 99.9% sure I’m retired. But like MJ, I’ve creaked the door open for a return.

Each day until April 23rd I’ll post a mile, er, article of awesomeness. That is, something awesome to do as a father, something awesome to use, an awesome toy, awesome food, awesome…whatever. Now, these may be things I presume will be awesome. In many cases, I will not have experienced said awesome item.

But I digress. Today’s awesome item is a cross between Skype and Kumon Learning Center. Plus, it was created here in Chicago and has offices about a mile from SulliCrib.

Meet Readeo. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think. It looks awesome.

SulliFolks celebrating AWESOMENESS ND-USC Football during SulliMom's pal Jen's birthday last fall. Yes, that's a ND shirt, not UIC. Special circumstances friends. Photo Credit: The Awesome duo of Jen and CJ

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Bachelor Night

Our goddaughter Tess flew into the very Windy City this morning with her mom Sarah. I can’t wait to see them. I was hoping to get out there today or tomorrow, but it looks like Thursday. We’ve been Skyping with them from Long Island and Tess is growing up so quickly.

I really can’t wait for her to interact with SulliChild. I think that will be really cool.

With that said, SulliMom made her way to Barrrrrrington to hang out, while I did a little UIC-WIU softball announcing. So I am home alone. Which means…

Mac ‘N Cheese and watching the Titanic.

Just me watching the Titanic.

Anytime I miss my wife, I look for the James Cameron classic on television and hunker down.

Our child is in trouble.

LASTLY: Apparently, Jim Mateja, the long time auto writer is calling it quits. One of the stories featured is an article he composed about auto companies trying to accommodate women who were expecting among other family needs. It made for a funny photo…

I don't think I'd do well with being pregnant.

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Your School Lunch Menus

After reading the reports on Chicago Public Schools students arguing for healthier lunch menus, it brought me back to my grammar and prep lunch experiences while trying to predict what edible items may find their way onto SulliChild’s menu in the future.

At good ‘ol St. Martin of Tours in Kankakee our cafeteria wasn’t really efficient. Most of the time the lights were out, there were no “lunch ladies” and food generally wasn’t served. But, if I recall correctly, we usually had one special day each week. (Help me out here fellow SMT grads)

For example, Arby’s Day or Pizza Day or Taco Day. Despite my picky diet, I sampled that fare pretty often.

In high school at Bishop Mac the highlight of the menu was the Chicken Fritter Dinner. This was a case where the product lived up to the hype. Here I was introduced to the “Lunch Lady” and the women who staffed the Mac cafeteria were outstanding. We were very lucky.

To top it off, there were really solid chocolate chip cookies and the pop machine offered the finest in carbonation, the elusive Squirt. Inhaling Chewy Spree also rings a bell.

Now, after years of parents lobbying for a healthier lunch menu the kids are getting into the act. I guess that’s good, but you have to be a kid. Will SulliChild be saddled with hummus, soy milk and goat cheese?

Time will tell.

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Ferris Who?

I haven’t performed Twist and Shout during a parade, attended a Cubs game, dined at a fancy French bistro or impersonated Sgt. Peterson–Chicago PD, today like Ferris Bueller once did, but it has been a nice little day off.

I’ve celebrated another furlough day by running, watching some exciting NCAA Tourney hoops, visiting Home Depot (not enough time for Bed, Bath and Beyond), mailing in the tax return, purchasing some meat from Whole Foods, cleaning SulliHome and picking up some Irish alcohol during a pleasant pre-Spring day.

And that trip for brew is what brought a hint of sourness.

As I prowled the aisles of Binny’s Beverage Depot I was baffled by the lack of Beamish. I asked the beer expert on staff and she informed me that Heineken, who now owns Beamish, ceased exporting the thick, creamy, Irish draught. This saddened me. Sympathy e-mails/posts are now being accepted.

So, Murphy’s and Jameson will have to do. But please keep your eyes peeled for Beamish at your local liquor dealer.

In conclusion, I could get used to this not working deal. I may have to be a stay-at-home dad. I’m not surmising that staying at home with SulliChild would be simple. I’m just saying I’ve enjoyed the freedom of doing what I want today. It provides more motivation to create a business that allows that freedom.

Happy Bracketing!

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