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The End Of The Road

When you go more than a month without a blog post you are no longer a blogger.

Thus, the run of SulliDad blogging has come to end.

SulliFamily during their recent voyage to the happiest place on earth.

Like some of the more important streaks of all-time, this project too has a conclusion.

I do hope to continue blogging in a professional mode talking about sports business, marketing, road races, public address announcing, etc. Then, perhaps when I’m able to find more time this blog will return. I mean, I’m a busy guy. Plus, as Liam grows up I’d like to keep what I share in a more secure manner. I am not shutting down SulliDad Chicago overall. The blog is over for now. But the site will live on for family updates, additional photos (via Flickr, now updated, see SulliAlbum), new videos (via YouTube), etc. If we’re lucky enough to add members to our family in the future I’m sure that would call for a return to the keyboard.

In just under 12 months, the site has received 20,018 unique visits. That is cool and scary at the same time. If you have suggestions, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or e-mail sullidadchicago@gmail.com.

The job of Dad is a cool one. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. In other instances it seems to come pretty easy. But each day brings something new, something smelly and something that makes me smile. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. And Go BEARS!




Nudity Not Here

(using the term nudity was a ploy to get you to open this post since it’s been so long. As it states there is no nudity here. please enjoy your visit.)

During recent blog research the key to a successful, amateur blog is consistent and constant news. That is, an update each day.


I’m making an early New Year’s Resolution-minimum of twice a week on the update. Now, in about two months the SulliDad blog will reach its one-year anniversary. At that point, I will evaluate the situation and decide whether to continue.

Preview of the holiday party attire

To keep up with Liam I truly need to update the blog each day. He is getting stronger each day, close to full crawling and slowing down on the drool. He sleeps in the same position each night. He loves random specks of lint on the floor. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is already a staple of our home (don’t judge us for allowing television this early). Yup, I just googled Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Weird. He is just getting over a little illness. He’s enjoying his first antibiotic, which he loves. It tastes like bubble gum he told me. But he is a really good sharer. SulliMom and SulliDad were able to enjoy the bug too.

Liam rocking the FBI attire. Liam has friends in the bureau. But he can't reveal their names. Bureau guidelines. Thanks S & S.

He sits up pretty much without aid and his hair continues to spiral out of control. He is learning how to clap and wave. Funny noises spew from many parts of his body. We’re enjoying letting the little guy roam, scoot and roll all over his room playing. All in all he’s a lot of fun.

What’s not fun is bad news…Bad news and bad things happening to good people. I believe this will be a tough lesson to teach Liam because I have a difficult time with it despite an even keel demeanor. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories lately–I can only believe there is a reason that is way beyond my ability to comprehend. Our prayers and thoughts are with a couple of very important people/families.

Just hangin' out with Mom

My sister is getting married. I was thinking about that the other day. It’s nuts but outstanding. I think the date is set: St. Patrick’s Day, 2012. St. Patrick’s Church. K3. If you’re not invited, crash it.

Here’s something to consider–I’m lazy. I have completely bailed on running. This will change soon. Mark my word, er, blog: I will run at minimum a half-marathon in 2011. You heard it here first. I need a race to provide a little motivation. Who’s with me? Which one should I run?

I enjoy finding shops, stores and outlets that I think I’m the only one who knows about especially around the holidays. For example, despite Molly discovering it, the Bridgeport Bakery. Near Archer & Loomis, it is for real. An old school, no frills outlet, it provides a refreshing alternative to our standards-Panera and Starbucks. Check it out for donuts, bread and more.

Another staple of my holiday shopping is The Tie Bar. Check it out. Post your good finds please–I’ll steal them and say I found them.

UIC men’s hoops is struggling, but come out to the United Center this Saturday and watch the Illini and Flames tangle at the home of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Part of the lack of blogging is due to consistent television time. Big appointments in front of Mr. Samsung include The Sing Off, Biggest Loser, Law & Order SVU and LA (Not bad actually), ESPN 30 for 30 and How I Met Your Mother. Liam does prefer the aforementioned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but enjoys SportsCenter, too.



Catching Up Online

The SulliDad train is slowing down. I’m like a Metra caught behind a freight train because the freight train owns the track the Metra is renting.

It’s tough to keep up with the blogging. But I really enjoy this part of my day (or my week as it has been recently). Maybe some donations from the general public would increase my motivation/time management to post more often…I’m just saying.

But I digress…let’s visit the rundown:

The Script At The Riviera: Last Friday, SulliParents had a chance to capitalize on SulliMom’s Father’s Day Gift–tickets to see emerging Irish rockers, The Script. The Riviera proved to be an excellent venue for this trio from Dublin (right near the Guinness factory, in fact). They we’re really good–sounded solid, were funny, energetic and an impressive presence. I highly recommend them. We started the night at one of my favorite northside spots: Fat Cat. It features great bar food, solid beer selection, chocolaty desserts and Jameson.

The Script At The Riv

The Chicago crowd approves.

Bad photographer. I need the new iPhone camera.

Liam’s Moving Up: Liam turned six months this week which meant it was time to move into the larger car seat. This Britax model seems pretty solid. I wonder why there are options for car seats? I mean, it’s not like Liam can tell me, “Dad, I hate the way this seat handles. The balance is off, I can’t reach my pacifier and my freakin’ toes hit that stupid mirror you hung from the head rest!”

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots: Not those kind of shots–medical shots. Liam picked up a few more shots today–as did SulliDad. We’ve all completed our flu shots–although I think Liam gets another dose at some point. He did quite well; just a short burst of sourness.

Go Flames: Hoops season gets underway next week for most college basketball teams. UIC is no exception as the Flames hit the hardwood Wednesday night for a men’s/women’s doubleheader. I suggest you call 312-413-8421 and buy tickets. It should be the start of something pretty good this year. At least bookmark the new blog of UIC basketball: Flame Throwers. At that link you’ll find several news stories on the Flames. Flex Plans are $99. Just buy one. Or, get some tix to the UIC-Illinois game at the United Center or the Butler-UIC game at the Pavilion.

Cross Country Challenge: It’s time to enroll in the 2010 edition of the Cross Country Challenge presented by Nike and Dick Pond. Get a team together and get it done.

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Liam Gets His Good Looks From…

Who does Liam look more like: SulliDad or SulliMom?

Either way is fine with me. If you ask either of us, we’d both modestly tell you we are ridiculously good looking and awesome.

DIAPER UPDATE: We did a little price comparison on the Pampers diapers (thanks for the tip on Diapers.com Meredith). We compared Buy Buy Baby, where Molly stopped today to pick-up an 84-pack, and Diapers.com. I think in the long run Diapers.com will save us money if we purchase in bulk and we’ll be able to provide extra discounts to our pals the Spielman’s who referred us to the site. Don’t worry friends, I’ll be sure to let you know our account name so we can reap the benefits of referral, too.

PLETHORA OF GIFTS: We, er Liam, have received a ton of gifts from our friends and family. We are blessed to say the least. Among the gifts doled out today, two of them make for a cool photo and an opportunity to give a shout-out. At UIC, I am lucky to work with Bob and Darla who run the local Quiznos. They are a pleasure to work with, their service is great and more importantly, they’re simply good people. They went out of their way to provide Liam with some Quiznos gear (check the photo) and bath toys. Very cool. Don’t forget to grab a toasty sub the next time you’re in our neighborhood.

Liam's new Q-Wear and Partizan bib.

Our new soccer coach at UIC, Sean Phillips, recently returned from a recruiting voyage to Serbia. He brought back a bib (check photo) for Liam touting Serbian soccer club, Partizan. He did this with the intent to stir up controversy among the Serbia natives who have played/play at UIC. Most, as I understand it, root for Red Star Belgrade–a big rival. This could create a windfall of Red Star gear and arguments in a language I don’t understand. Stay tuned. And, thanks Sean. (oh, if you have youngsters who like soccer, check out the UIC Soccer Camp.)



Liam Uses Google Maps To Get Home

Okay, so SulliMom and Dad drove Liam home, but it’s all about the headline, right?

Many people have expressed sourness over blog posts sans photos so, drumroll please…now, I’ve added the SulliAlbum on the blog. You can find it on the home page of SulliDad Chicago. Or, access the link here.

In addition, a few videos have been added to my YouTube page. Liam’s featured prominently. Here’s a teaser video. There are a few more, too.

It was really cool to arrive here with Molly and Liam. We’re a family. He’s been pretty good today; slept all the way home in the SuLiberty. It’s great to be home!

Thanks to our goddaughter Tess for sending Giordano’s to us tonight all the way from New York! (I guess Sarah and Tom may have helped, too.) Maybe Sarah will let me share the really funny video of Tess I saw today–it’s awesome.

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Liam Pooped

As I’m finding out–and what might cause the demise of this blog–events like pooping and peeing are the big events for SulliDad these days. (For those scoring at home, Liam has three poops so far!)

Here are a few quick thoughts from my first 20 hours of fatherhood:


-I simply want to hold him all the time.

-I’ve always been a little nervous holding newborns. Not with Liam. Weird how that works.

-Molly was ridiculously strong. And how about that photo of her and Liam? No joke, that was taken two minutes after delivery and she looked like she just finished an easy one-mile warm-up jog, not labor.

-The mac n’ cheese is pretty tasty here.

-Great Grandpa/Grandma Stearns brought me a Frosty. Awesome.

-Nurses are awesome.

-I think I felt my Dad watching over us. I hope to make him proud.

-Our families are great; we are really lucky.

-Liam smells like a baby. Great scent.

-SulliDad’s last shower: April 27th, 8:00 AM

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Liam In Pictures

I’m sure there are a lot more to come, but something to get you started sports fans…

Fresh out of the condo. A very chilly Liam with SulliMom

A very proud SulliDad with Liam.

The happy trio.

Liam with SulliDad.