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Nudity Not Here

(using the term nudity was a ploy to get you to open this post since it’s been so long. As it states there is no nudity here. please enjoy your visit.)

During recent blog research the key to a successful, amateur blog is consistent and constant news. That is, an update each day.


I’m making an early New Year’s Resolution-minimum of twice a week on the update. Now, in about two months the SulliDad blog will reach its one-year anniversary. At that point, I will evaluate the situation and decide whether to continue.

Preview of the holiday party attire

To keep up with Liam I truly need to update the blog each day. He is getting stronger each day, close to full crawling and slowing down on the drool. He sleeps in the same position each night. He loves random specks of lint on the floor. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is already a staple of our home (don’t judge us for allowing television this early). Yup, I just googled Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Weird. He is just getting over a little illness. He’s enjoying his first antibiotic, which he loves. It tastes like bubble gum he told me. But he is a really good sharer. SulliMom and SulliDad were able to enjoy the bug too.

Liam rocking the FBI attire. Liam has friends in the bureau. But he can't reveal their names. Bureau guidelines. Thanks S & S.

He sits up pretty much without aid and his hair continues to spiral out of control. He is learning how to clap and wave. Funny noises spew from many parts of his body. We’re enjoying letting the little guy roam, scoot and roll all over his room playing. All in all he’s a lot of fun.

What’s not fun is bad news…Bad news and bad things happening to good people. I believe this will be a tough lesson to teach Liam because I have a difficult time with it despite an even keel demeanor. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories lately–I can only believe there is a reason that is way beyond my ability to comprehend. Our prayers and thoughts are with a couple of very important people/families.

Just hangin' out with Mom

My sister is getting married. I was thinking about that the other day. It’s nuts but outstanding. I think the date is set: St. Patrick’s Day, 2012. St. Patrick’s Church. K3. If you’re not invited, crash it.

Here’s something to consider–I’m lazy. I have completely bailed on running. This will change soon. Mark my word, er, blog: I will run at minimum a half-marathon in 2011. You heard it here first. I need a race to provide a little motivation. Who’s with me? Which one should I run?

I enjoy finding shops, stores and outlets that I think I’m the only one who knows about especially around the holidays. For example, despite Molly discovering it, the Bridgeport Bakery. Near Archer & Loomis, it is for real. An old school, no frills outlet, it provides a refreshing alternative to our standards-Panera and Starbucks. Check it out for donuts, bread and more.

Another staple of my holiday shopping is The Tie Bar. Check it out. Post your good finds please–I’ll steal them and say I found them.

UIC men’s hoops is struggling, but come out to the United Center this Saturday and watch the Illini and Flames tangle at the home of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Part of the lack of blogging is due to consistent television time. Big appointments in front of Mr. Samsung include The Sing Off, Biggest Loser, Law & Order SVU and LA (Not bad actually), ESPN 30 for 30 and How I Met Your Mother. Liam does prefer the aforementioned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but enjoys SportsCenter, too.



SulliMom Joins Thirtysomething

Happy Birthday to SulliMom. It’s the little 3-0 today.

We’ve had a nice day.

One thing I remember being really cool one month ago on my birthday was receiving an extra card. It was from my son. Now, just because his mother purchased, wrote and delivered didn’t make that any less special. I hope Liam’s card to SulliMom was just as great.

Also great today:

The surprise appearance by Molly I’m Not Married To and her husband Tequila Tim. Despite it not being my birthday they came all the way from the ‘burbs to deliver two of my favorite things: cake (from Lovely) and tequila (from Mexico). Both of which I consumed. In moderation.

SulliParents are lucky to have great friends. If you’d like to sign up to be our friend, tequila will almost automatically get you in the door. Thanks Erwin duo.

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Vacation Time

A lot of people say they like it when their mobile phones cease to work in remote areas on vacation.

I would like to be one of those people.

I am not.

I think I spend more time stopping by my phone to see if I might have an extra bar or two.

The Michigan Abode

Deep Woods In MI

El Lago

A run on the rolling hills

Regardless, I spent the last several days in Michigan at the Lake. Clear Lake, that is, in Buchanan where the compound is located. It was fabulous. Jameson, Five Guys–thanks to Justin and Uncle Larry (ridiculously awesome), Red Robin, cookies, Pat Stearns-made burgers and more Jameson. Ted and Emily time and White sister time. Naps, Liam hanging with Eva, some Molly-Shawn time and running around the surrounding nature. My pal Justin was there and we exchanged new parenting stories. I stayed away from work, but work returned in a big way today with a huge announcement at UIC. In addition, SulliMom got her first haircut since entering motherhood from an old Bulldog, Kron. She provided premium cookies, too.

Liam and Eva forming a bond. Check the album for a full photo cycle of these two super-cousins interacting.

Before we left, we had the chance to see the most famous soccer team in the world up close and personal–Man U. They were working out inside UIC’s weight room in preparation for several North American matches. Sir Alex nodded at me and winked at Molly. Or, it could have been the other way around. Either way, that was really cool.

But life has a way of leveling those great highs to remind you that it’s not all fun and games. My Dad passed away one year ago today. Simply, I can’t believe the one-year anniversary of that event is already here. I think about him a lot, but today a butterfly landed directly on my shirt. I never pictured my Dad as a butterfly, but perhaps it was fluttering like one of his old knuckleballs. It’s off to Kankakee tomorrow to see a bunch of family–and for some, meeting Liam for the first time. To those who sent thoughts and prayers today, thank you.

Here are a couple of anniversaries I’m looking forward to this week:

-The first anniversary for me and SulliMom
-The first anniversary of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game

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Cookie Monster

Bjorn Update: I tried Bjorning again tonight, but Liam is not a big fan. Probably poor form from Dad. Or, as fellow new parent Kati mentioned, he’ll probably like the “mom pillows” better than my flat and hairy chest.

As Molly describes it: Out of Control.

Two things made me very happy today: our son’s awesome hair and the cookies SulliMom baked today. Check out the size of the cookies. I can attest that they are really tasty. I really wish I could feed Liam a cookie.


These are big cookies. Mrs. Field has nothing on SulliMom. In fact, Mrs. Field can go fly a kite, b^tch#s! (sorry, that was over the line)

Why cookies? Tomorrow is a big day.

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I’m Back

Just like M.J. when he rocked the 45 and tallied the double-nickel at MSG, I’m back.

After more than a week of blogging hiatus, SulliDad returns to the scene. Okay, enough third person.

Truthfully, I had a lot to say last Sunday. It was my first Father’s Day as a Dad and my first without my own Dad. But a very busy day of traveling, running, visiting, traveling, eating and visiting some more…followed by an evening of packing for a trip delayed me. But the morning started bright and early with me opening cards. The card from SulliMom had tickets to see The Script, a new favorite of mine. I guess I should take my wife since there were two tickets. I’m pretty excited to see this group from Ireland play live.

It was an emotional, warm and humid day. I tried not to show it, but I’m sure people could read the emotions on my face at times. The first moment came around the two-mile mark of the 15th Annual Kilbride Family Classic 5k in Kankakee, which raises money for autism research. Each year, my Dad would be stationed at the two-mile mark reading off times. He would use the Timex watch I purchased him for a Father’s Day gift years ago, but I always had to set it for him to “chrono mode”. This year, as a member of Sully’s Striders team, I ran past the two-mile mark and he wasn’t there. It’s not like I knew he wouldn’t be there, but it still choked me up a bit.

The happy trio after the race sporting Sully's Striders T-Shirts and onesie.

But as I neared the finish line and saw SulliMom holding up Liam as he pseudo-cheered, I could feel my Dad at that moment. I think the reason for that–my slow time. At a race where I’ve run near 16:00 I had turned in a pedestrian 20:50. I could hear him yelling, with a cigarette between his fingers, “Go, get going. Don’t waste it.” He really would have given me hell for being defeated by my high school distance coach, Ken Klipp. He still has it. It was a fun race with tons of family around. In addition, the suddenly speedy John Jaramillo drove all the way to K3 to support us and continue his alarming running progress. He turned in a PR by about two minutes. When my Dad was awarded the race volunteer of the year award posthumously, Molly, Liam, my Mom and sister hopped on the stage. Mark Kilbride said several kind words about my Dad and provided my Mom a plaque and gift in front of about 1,000 folks in steamy Cobb Park. Never one to shy away from a microphone, I was given the opportunity to say a few words of thanks. One last time, thanks to the Kilbride Family.

SulliDad with John Don't Call Me Pre Jaramillo

(More photos in the SulliAlbum to the right)

After the race en route to a gathering of Molly’s side of the family, we stopped to visit my Dad at the cemetery. As I held Liam over the spot where my Dad was buried less than a year ago, I kind of lost it. It felt good to let it go and it also felt great to have Liam and Molly by my side. Liam’s innocence provided perspective and our day continued. I look forward to telling stories to Liam about my Dad each Father’s Day.

Although overshadowed a bit on this Father’s Day is me gaining a Dad for the first time officially since the nuptials–a Father-in-Law. Molly’s Dad is great. I’ll stop there so my sister-in-law Emily doesn’t suspect me of brown-nosing so just trust me–I’m lucky to have gained a Dad, too.

The rest of the week, I’ll tell in photos…by the way, how about those White Sox?

I was at a conference in California most of the week. I am the rep for the Horizon League. This proves it.

I win things all the time. I won this at a session presented by the good folks at Broadnet. Autographed Ducks jersey by Teemu Selanne.

Great seats for Angels-Dodgers in Anaheim Wednesday courtesy of old pal, Ben Fischer.

Union Park World Cup Watch Party hosted by the Flames...lots of DeMerit jerseys.

L-R, Ticket donor, Ben, SulliDad, and two guys I'm looking forward to working with a lot this year, Reno and Jon...live from Angels Stadium.



Weekend Event Listing

It’s not exactly like Forrest Gump running across America and deciding one day to be done, but for the weekend, I think I’m done blogging.

People are taking Things Unsaid Project poster tabs. Have you written your letter or passed it along?

Poor photography skills, but AC Milan practice at UIC today.

I’ll be busy and, more specifically, spending a lot of time where the Internet doesn’t roam.

-Running to the lakefront Saturday morning to cheer on some friends competing in the Soldier Field 10 Miler.

-Viewing USA vs. Turkey in the World Cup sendoff. (I may try and sneak over to Niketown to purchase a Jay DeMerit jersey. Is this a legal time for an adult to wear another man’s jersey?)

-Announcing Chicago Red Stars soccer at Toyota Park.

-Traveling to the lake house in Michigan for the remainder of the weekend. Relaxing with Liam, SulliMom and a host of others. Maybe a little Redamak’s and Four Winds.



Weekend Warriors

SulliMom and I went back to the neighborhood that brought us together this weekend: Wicker Park.

Some people may not know that there is an actual Wicker Park. We strolled through Saturday.

It was Liam’s first trip to one of the best parts of the city. We walked around, visited a few shops, promoted The Things Unsaid Project and grabbed some lunch at the Blue Line before I traveled to Allstate Arena to announce the Rush lose a tough one.

It’s pretty cool to walk around with Liam and watch the eyes of passersby travel inside the stroller with that funny smile which expresses that Oh, what a cute little baby look. At least that’s how I see it. We brought a bottle and kept it fresh in the Skip Hop mobile bottle bag. It kind of looks like an oblong fanny pack, but I refrained from wearing it like one. Which reminds me of a card I saw featured in the best card store in the city, Paper Doll. The card had an image of a fanny pack with an inscription that read We Still Love You. It’s the perfect card for the loved one who still utilizes the fanny pack.

Yesterday, after snapping some surprisingly great shots of the early morning skyline with my iPhone at the Magellan Development Spring Half Marathon, Liam made his debut on the microphone helping his Dad announce the UIC baseball drubbing of Cleveland State.

Best city in the world.

Liam made his PA debut Sunday. It was a bit of a snoozer--the Flames won that game by 13 runs.