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Pressure To Post

To date, this has been the longest blog post hiatus in SulliDad history.

It’s not as remarkable as Roy Halladay’s no-hitter, as significant as the Bears first loss (Liam is no longer undefeated–Welcome to Chicago sports buddy) or as brutal as the traffic I just sat in (thanks Pres. Obama).

But since there was pressure from Kankakee to Indianapolis, from Brussels to Barrington to post, I thought I would oblige. Here are just a few of the events that have occurred:

-Happy 90th B-Day to my Grandma Kelly. Here are a couple of things that happened in the year my Grandma was born: Prohibition and the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees. That’s a long time ago. It was great to be in Kankakee with all of my Kelly-family cousins in the same room.

SulliDad and cousins.

-Liam eats from a spoon. I still haven’t witnessed it first hand, but apparently it happened.

-Liam is noisy and strong. Lots of shrieks, giggles and gibberish. And he is trying to sit up, scoot and head-bang.

-The MLB playoffs are underway and the Twins are down 2-0 to the Yankees. As SulliMom (facetiously of course) might say if the Sox were playing the Cardinals, “I hope the stadium falls down”. Better the Yanks than Minnesota. Enjoy all of those division titles.

Best of luck to all of those competing in the Chicago Marathon this weekend. Once that is complete, head over to the Cross Country Challenge Web site and enroll in that race. It’s going to be a lot of fun on December 5.

And good news from The Things Unsaid Project. The project is embarking on a new initiative–31 Letters In 31 Days. Check it out now.

New photos have been posted in the SulliAlbum. Go Flames. Seriously, call and buy some season tickets.

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Baseball Makes Daddy Angry

I’m not a huge fan of the Minnesota Twins.

I really respect them, but I dislike them.

What’s worse than watching them walk-off in victory when your team is three outs from moving back within two games of first place?

Watching a former White Sox hero (Jim Thome) whom we let go to Minnesota for nothing do the damage.

It feels awful.

But I look forward to teaching Liam all about the lessons of life in sport. And just think, it was less than two years ago when Thome hit a blast for the Sox to lift them over the Twins in the tiebreaker game and into the playoffs. My sister and I were there. Second best Sox game I’ve ever attended–maybe the most intense. One lesson I need to learn: Cease cursing at TV.

I will predict a bench clearing fight or an absolute Ozzie tirade in the next 48 hours. We’ll see if this season is simply Black & White over the next week or so. Otherwise, we’ll be witnessing a Twins team without their closer and homer leader atop the AL Central again.

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Shower? How About Tsunami?

The umbrellas were out in full force for Molly’s shower in Elgin a week ago today.

Sadly, the umbrellas didn’t hold up as showers turned into a Tsunami of gifts from droves of family members. I stopped out before rushing off to Indy for the Final Four and it was an impressive sight to see all those boxes.

The photo with this story shows SulliBaby’s future dwellings filled with goods. We are very lucky to have generous family and friends. This child will have nothing but the best in infant goods as far as I can tell. I assembled a mobile the other day–quite awesome.

On tap for today is to set-up the cradle, which has been in SulliMom’s family for a long time.

GOOD NEWS: The Chicago Rush won last night and it was great to be back inside Allstate Arena, despite missing most of the good people behind the scenes who made the Rush into the league’s best organization. I appreciate Mike Alzamora and the current front office for asking me back. It was different and the same. A little strange, in fact.

UIC beat Butler in baseball yesterday, 19-6, giving SulliDad a little room for bragging rights. BU hoops coach Brad Stevens threw out the first pitch and Hink the Bulldog caught it. (I kid) Two more between the Flames and Bulldogs today at the Mill. It’s a nice day; come on out.

BAD NEWS: Don’t get me started on the Bulls–debacle. Plus, Chicago baseball teams have struggled out of the gate. It has been ugly for the Sox and Cubs save for a few dazzling individual performances. At this point, I wouldn’t feel comfortable introducing a child to either squad. I’d be afraid he/she may choose St. Louis or the Twins instead. That would be unacceptable and grounds for dismissal.

SulliNursery needs to be organized. But look at all the sweet toys!


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