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There’s An App For That: Liam’s Walk Of Shame

This is a simple play on words.

The title of this post makes little sense.

But in my short time as a dad, watching Liam walk – actually full out big-kid walk – toward me with a huge smile on his face is one of the cooler feelings I’ve ever had. There was no shame in this walk. That phrase was used to increase readership. He has come leaps and bounds in his walking career over the last 10 days.

Watching Liam walk around the SulliCondo is a reality TV show. He’s not the first one-year old to look funny walking, but I love it. Congrats to Liam!

More congrats is in order for SulliMom who joined her intelligent husband in the world of iPhones last night. I hope she doesn’t drop it – no insurance. Like an infant, I’ve started her with the sippy cup of iPhones, the 3Gs. (I have the Nuk of iPhones, the 3G) We’ll see if she “walks” before she crawls.

READ IT: My good friend and birthday boy John Jaramillo has done what I’ve lobbied for for many years – begin blogging. The Stockyardsman will be the start of a professional blogging career for J-JAR. Mark my words – there’s no one better at humorous, fun and insightful writing than this guy. Follow him now while he’s still meat and potatoes. Happy Birthday John!

LISTEN TO/WATCH UIC SOFTBALL: Congrats to UIC softball – they’ve advance the Horizon League semifinals today at 1:30 PM. Check out Marathon Man on HLN live from Rogers Park. Good luck Flames.

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UIC Basketball – Bringin’ the Fire

Typically I won’t use this platform for work purposes.

But I’m quite excited and optimistic for the future of UIC basketball.

Now, as a former cross country/track athlete at UIC and university employee–I’m upbeat for all of our sports. But I came to UIC in the fall of 1997. Seven months later the UIC Flames were Dancing’ in the NCAA basketball tournament.

That’s about as excited as I can ever remember our campus getting over anything.

I think those times could be returning over the next few seasons. Enter our new head coach, Howard Moore. Here are a bunch of opportunities to get to know the guy I first met (I assume I met him at one point) when I was in grade school when my good friend Tom Kilbride would invite me along to Big Ten towns to watch his big brother Andy play for the Wisconsin Badgers. They were teammates in Madison.

I think it would be wise now to buy season tickets while they are a good deal and you can get good seats. Remember how bad the Blackhawks were a couple seasons ago?

And it would be nice for me to catch up with SulliMom’s alma mater–Butler–on the college hoops scene. I don’t need Liam wanting to wear Butler blue.

Video highlights from press conference (Share With Friends, please)
Howard Moore Podcast
Howard Moore Press Conference and Photo Gallery
Official Press Release
Sun-Times Story
Trib Story
Daily Herald Story

(A Liam update is coming soon–we have solid footage and photos from a week full of him making new sounds, rolling a throwing up a little more than usual.)

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Christening The Weekend

I previewed the weekend last week and here are the highlights:

-Liam squirms his way into the Catholic Church.
A short and sweet ceremony welcomed Liam into the Catholic faith Saturday. Family joined us at Palace del SulliParents post-church with Connie’s breakfast pizza making everyone feel better about the cramped environment. In addition, solid desserts were provided by family members along with a surprisingly fair-priced and tasty cake from Bake for Me. I recommend it. Liam still smells like Holy Oil. Father Andre really made sure he had enough, even mohawking his hair with it.


-USA finishes level with England.

Liam and Joseph sporting sweet DeMerit, USA apparel. Hi Allison!

Liam and I changed into our stars and stripes gear for the greatly anticipated USA-England World Cup match following the holy festivities. Liam was sporting his T-Shirt Deli produced and dad-designed Jay DeMerit onesie. Following an intriguing first half which saw a quick strike by the Three Lions followed by a Clint Dempsey strike on which the English goalie couldn’t find the horns, we made our way to Tavern in Wicker Park for the final 45. We were denied entry as children were not allowed. But we found a perfect window to view the match and enjoyed the atmosphere. A good result for the USA as Jay was superb for the US. We’ll see you Friday morning for the UIC Watch Party at Union Park.

God bless America.

-SulliDad announces US Women’s Triathlon Series-Naperville.
I always enjoy my announcing gigs and this one was no different. It was very cool to see all these women–2,000 in total–accomplish their goal.

My view while announcing the Tri.

But, I did use a portolet and it appears it had never been serviced…yummy.


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Is This Me?

I am an information junkie. I love reading just about anything in print, web, phone, book, etc.

But maybe I’m turning into a man who needs digital detox. I was grossly excited to read about the updated iPhone to be released in a few weeks, I’m listening to the television while I type this, I want a bigger/newer Mac, I love my mini video camera, and on and on.

But this story should assist me. Truthfully, I think I’m fine. I think the more you read, the better, as long as it doesn’t hinder more important things like, well, life!

GOLF: I’m headed to Lockport for the annual UIC golf outing Wednesday. I haven’t played in a long time. If there’s a sport I’d love Liam to play professionally, it’s golf. I could caddy, provide guidance, spend time with the family and take the requisite 8-12 percent for the retirement fund.

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School Pride Goes Global For U.S. World Cup Team Defender

Many who know me realize that I possess a significant amount of school pride for my collegiate alma mater, UIC.

This is also true for my secondary institution, Bishop McNamara. (Okay, and St. Martin of Tours for grammar school)

But I digress.

Working at UIC, points of pride come across my desk all the time. Students earning an internship or job offer after a letter of recommendation, teams winning titles, GPA’s soaring, personal bests being surpassed, etc. I’m on a campus committee for a special faculty/staff award and at our meeting today the depth of nominees discussed made me proud to be a member of the UIC community.

But there’s something especially cool about the announcement from U.S. Soccer today that confirmed that Jay DeMerit is one of the 23 men who will represent our country in the FIFA World Cup. (He’s also feeling the heat from the British tabloids for talking about the American’s upcoming tournament opener with England) Jay played at UIC while I was running for the Flames. His journey to the top of the soccer world is an epic and tantalizing novel. (Take a moment and read about it; very cool story) We remain in touch and although we’re not close, I simply feel proud of and impressed by his accomplishments. Our friend Pete Vina is traveling to Philadelphia to help send-off Sam’s Army and man it would be sweet to join him there, not to mention to be in South Africa for the event.

I look forward to visiting the T-Shirt Deli and picking up a customized USA, #15 onesie for Liam. I want the pride to rub off on the little guy. Plus, I’d like the lesson of perseverance to be learned early. Jay’s story defines that pretty well.

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My Ankle Five Months Later

It’s too bad that I severely sprained my ankle prior to the start of my blogging career.

I could have milked my injury to even more people.

But five months ago today–Christmas Eve–my ankle looked ridiculous as I recovered from a third degree ankle sprain from rekindling the NBA (not WNBA) dream on the basketball court with colleagues. For the record, I was on fire during the morning scrimmage just three days before the arrival of Jesus (or Jesus). Then, as I rose up from the top of the key to bury my 17th consecutive trifecta my dreams came crashing down on the large foot of UIC media relations correspondent Dan Yopchick, AKA, Yopper. I felt a few pops and just like that a softball appeared on my ankle.

That is a very swollen left ankle. My foot, from top of ankle to toes, was bigger than Liam is right now.

Quick comparison.

But, I feel pretty good now as I’ve been running five days a week for about a month and half. It must have been bad because I can still feel the scar tissue when I run.

Tomorrow, Liam returns to the doctor for a little check-up. I’ve kindly requested that he not poop on the exam table.

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Working Close To Home

It’s tough heading to work these days.

I don’t exactly enjoy leaving Liam and Molly in the morning–even if the little guy is fussy. This morning I helped SulliMom give Liam a quick-wash in the funny plastic bathing bowl. He is not a big fan of that.

I do feel quite fortunate that I can walk home at lunch, be home in five minutes and meet them somewhere in the neighborhood at pretty much any point in the day. There is a confidence and comfortable feeling inside me because of the proximity of our place to work.

Check out Liam's sweet new kits.

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Another positive is having some of our favorite former UIC student-athletes around the neighborhood to pester us. I use pester as a term of endearment, because we love it. It’s always fun to catch up with any of our kids at UIC. Two of our former soccer players, Ian Sarachan (check the link for a cool project Ian coordinates) and Baggio Husidic, along with Baggio’s better half Fay, stopped by to visit with us–well, mostly Molly and Liam–and drop off some pretty cool gifts. Check the photos. A little background–Baggio has been referenced on the blog before; he is playing a big role for the 2010 Chicago Fire. Ian recently returned from California where he has been living with his family. His father, Dave, is associate head coach for the L.A. Galaxy, thus the Galaxy gear. We’re spoiled by the Sarachan family.

Dad’s Feel Postpartum Depression, Too? – Apparently, according to recent findings. I haven’t felt any yet, but it is a serious issue. I’m glad we have a dense supporting cast to help us if we need it.

Facebook Makes Another Good Move – Check this story out on how FB is trying to make its platform as accessible as possible no matter where you are in the world.

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