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DEFCON Stalemate, SulliDad To Begin Baby Beard

After another rendezvous with a VD, SulliMom was told that dilation had not changed since last week. The waiting game continues.

Which got me thinking…

As the NHL playoffs heat up, playoff beards are all the rage. Unless you’re Patrick Kane and you struggle with facial follicles and decide a playoff mullet is the right way to go. With that said, I think it’s time for an awesome Baby Beard.

No shaving until SulliBaby arrives. Damn’t. Who’s with me?

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DEFCON One And Some

Slight progress has been made by SulliBaby in his/her journey to life outside SulliMom’s condo.

After visiting with a Vagina Nurse–the VD we were scheduled to see was at the hospital and I guess the other 36 VD’s were busy–she investigated. The dilation is a bit over one.

This is good news that progress is being made. The due date is April 23. I think we both believe she’ll go a little later than that. But they won’t allow us to go past April 30, we were told yesterday.

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April Madness On Demand – Awesome

SulliDad and K3-SulliGrandpa Game Two of 2005 World Series. We'll forge more awesome memories Saturday.

Classifying a chance to attend a Final Four awesome might be an understatement.

So, the fact that SulliMom and Dad are going to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium come Saturday evening is, let’s say, awesome-squared. We’re officially on the Road to the Final Four.

Thanks to former Butler hurler and fellow Bishop McNamara graduate Eric Yates—and to Vagina Doctor #37 for providing approval—we are on our way.

It wasn’t cheap. But we decided that for the rest of our lives we’d be spending on kids first so this might be the grand finale for us. I can check off Final Four on my bucket list and Molly will get to see something she probably didn’t think she’d ever see.

How could we not go?

In 2005, the White Sox advanced to the World Series and I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets thanks to a gentleman who knew how much it meant to me. To this day, attending Game Two of the World Series with my Dad is a Sulli-Top-Five Moment. This has to compare for Molly.

This will be something we’ll never forget and through photographic evidence we’ll be able to tell our child that they were there, too. I think participating in memorable activities with our soon-to-be growing family is something to which I really look forward.

This little trip also gives us a chance to spend the evening in BEARbonnais with K3-SulliGrandma and SulliAunt Kelly and attend mass at St. Pat’s on Easter Sunday before a trek to St. Charles to hang will SulliMom’s family.

All of these travels come on the heels of Molly’s Baby Shower Saturday in Elgin. I mean, bring your umbrellas—it’s a shower!

This decision also has bearing on Push Gift status. I will say it again—SulliMom has not pressured or requested said gift. But, this trip now becomes the inaugural Push Gift. And speaking of Push Gift, it is amazing how divided people are on knowledge of this tradition. It seems like it is 50/50 whether people have heard of the term Push Gift.

Just for poops and laughter, provide us with what you would like Molly’s pregnant belly to be inscribed with for the national television audience. (Disclaimer: SulliMom, I’m pretty sure, wouldn’t take part in such activity) I would put something on my chest, but I’m deceptively hairy in that region thus rendering any expression worthless. Reply below. Okay, I’ll start:

Bellys For Bulldogs
Breeding Ground
My Kid Looks Older Than Our Coach (Yes, I agree, that storyline is getting old)

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