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Will This Post Be Here Forever?

I’ve been pondering a few blog-related questions lately:

1) How long should I continue to blog regularly?
2) Will what I post be here forever and will Liam be embarrassed by it?
3) If we are lucky enough to have more children, will I continue this through them?

I guess the easy answer to all three queries is, We’ll See.

I think there’s a safety and privacy concern at some point especially when you speak of photography and video. And I need to have a motive for blogging. Mainly, I enjoy having an outlet to write. Secondly, it’s fun to chat about certain topics and share information and updates on our family giving family and friends a handy resource to keep updated.

I’m sure the frequency will tail off down the road. But I think I’ll keep at it. Once Liam is old enough to realize what I’ve been doing something bigger and better than the Internet may be on the scene relinquishing my blog to Atari status. Perhaps he can become a guest blogger…

Future children can only be considered when they arrive. I guess at the end of the day, I’d like these writings to be around in some fashion forever. When I’m gone, I would think Liam and his future brothers/sisters would enjoy reflecting on these posts like I enjoyed looking through my Dad’s things connecting dots that I didn’t know existed.

Although it’s a marathon of a read, this NY Times article looks into the idea of Web content and its longevity. It’s a solid read for anyone who has posted a photo to Facebook, created a Tweet or updated their LinkedIn profile. The moral of the story is take possession of your online belongings.

GO SOX: I had a chance through NDDC to visit U.S. Cellular Field Thursday night to watch the first place Chicago White Sox. They did not disappoint. It will be Twins/Sox down the stretch. Thank God the Metrodome is gone. Speaking of the Sox, I watched the first episode of The Club–MLB Network’s reality show featuring the Sox. It was solid and recommended. Even for Cubs fans, it gives an insight to workings and philosophy of the south side ball club.

Sox All-Star Matt Thornton warming in the pen. But Freddy Garcia got out of the jam and his services weren't needed.

FIVE GUYS: What else is there to say? Simply, it’s worth a trip to 2140 N. Clybourn.


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Quick Reads

It’s a pretty solid question: Why does the U.K. get four national soccer teams? Even funnier is the sub-header: Could we field a team from California or Texas?

And from the NY Times Motherlode blog, Ad-Libbed Parenting. Who does it? I have already. I think it’s really key to act like you know what you’re doing at all times. But, feel comfortable enough to seek help. Lisa Belkin authors this blog.

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I Hope I Don’t Have What It Takes To Be THAT Parent

I ran across a pair of articles online while hanging out with Liam and Molly on our couch tonight.

Both provoked thoughts which helps complete the day.

David Brooks’ column in the NY Times is centered around President Obama’s most recent Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. But I tried to connect the story to my life and I think on some levels I’m too safe. Do I possess a professional and strategic attitude toward life? Take a quick read. I think I might be a little disturbed as he describes at the end. It might be time to question the status quo a little more often.

Lastly, Julie Deardorff of the Trib wrote about How to not scream at your child athlete. I know I have some time to prepare for this stuff, but it’s never too early to take precautions.

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