Home Sweet Home

Yesterday, we finally made it home as a family of four. After Quinn had a chance to meet Grandma Sully and Aunt Kelly, we even took advantage of the nice weather and went out for a walk…in the sweetest stroller of all time: The City Select. The first night went fairly smoothly as Liam slept well as did his little brother, Quinn.

Liam has really warmed up to Quinn over the past several hours. Although a bit rough, hugs and kisses have been distributed to the “baby” or “Kinn” as Liam refers to Quinn.

Some new photos have been posted to the SulliAlbum on the right side of the home page or by clicking HERE.

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Welcome To The World Quinn

What a day.

What a really cool day.

Quinn Patrick Sullivan joined us just before 2 pm this afternoon. At 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches, he’s looking solid. Eyes wide open.

Molly was tough and I think if you asked her she would tell you it wasn’t easy, but much better than round one. The doctors and nurses were great especially our key nurse who was a Northwestern season ticket holder!

We’ve already fed Quinn a couple times, changed a soiled diaper and met some family. Not surprising Liam was not interested in meeting the baby. But he did like the buttons on Molly’s bed.

I have to say, I was stellar today. They say you aren’t ready if you don’t have butterflies. Well, I had butterflies. My left arm is a bit sore from holding up a leg, but I had some ice chips and I feel better. Plus, Mr. Stearns delivered peanut butter cups.

It’s also cool that so many of our friends and family are having little ones right now. Can’t wait for all of them to get together and make some messes.

Thanks for all of the messages, tweets and well wishes. We greatly appreciate it.

I’ll try and upload photos tomorrow. For now, find me on Facebook!

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Stay Tuned Baby Fans

The moment nearly has arrived. Michael Buffer is approaching the microphone. There are gentlemen everywhere starting their engines. Tony LaRussa just called the bullpen…well, never mind.

Yes, SulliBaby II is scheduled to arrive at some point tomorrow. Liam seems happy. Not for long, pal. We will be headed to the hospital bright and early so Molly can be induced.

The last time this blog was active the calendar read May. It’s good to be back. Now I have a challenge for my readers. On April 29, 2010, 772 people visited this site. That was day two of Liam’s life. Can we top that this week? Let the sibling rivalry begin.

Follow the process via Twitter and Facebook. Links below. For a more detailed account and photos, return to the blog in the coming days.

Lastly, I’m very proud of Molly. She is super strong and because of this I will continue to be legally married to her and support her. Do push gifts apply to additional pregnancies?

Shawn on Facebook

Shawn on Twitter

SulliDad Chicago on Twitter

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The Pro’s & Con’s Of Tucson

As I endure a five-hour stint at the Tucson International Airport (con) I figured I’d provide some rankings on the trip. Overall, Tucson is a lovely place especially when I had no responsibilities.

-The Good
Scenery: Really beautiful stuff. Took a hike, a few runs and strolled through an old movie set. Good stuff.
The accommodations: The JW Marriott Starr Pass was for real. It had a pleasant feel all-around. From the pool and lazy river to the workout room, bars and restaurants it was five-star all the way. Our room was fanstastic and it’s listed at $170 regularly.
In ‘ N Out Burger: My first chance at the famed burger joint resulted in a tasty meal and solid company with Chris H. from the Horizon League and her guy Brad. Loved the simplicity of the menu, the old school feel and bun. Really good, but Five Guys wins the battle of the burger.
47 Scott: This restaurant downtown seemed right out of Wicker Park. Fantastic bread, delicious mac ‘n cheese and bad ass brownie. If you’re in Tucson, visit the friendly folks at 47 Scott.
The tequila: At the hotel bar Salud, there’s a daily, complimentary tequila toast with the best tequila I’ve ever had. They create the tequila right there on the grounds.
The weather: Some were complaining about the 70-degree temps, but it was good with me.
HL Folks: I really enjoyed meeting and catching up with our friends from other Horizon League schools and the league office. Good people.

-The Bad
Environment: Although gorgeous in scenery, I’m not a fan of the dust, lack of grass and the fact that everything looks alike out here. Don’t think I could live here, but will make a return visit.
No son: We definitely missed Liam. Skype is great, but can’t wait to get back to hang out with him.
D-Bags: Ran into an over-served gentleman one night. No altercation took place, but there’s no need for grown men to want to fight in a nice hotel bar. Next time, send me a rude Twitter message guy.
Rental car: Dodge Avenger. Not terrible, but Molly looked a little funny driving what she described as a “high school teenage boy car.”
Downtown Tucson: Not impressive, dirty and fairly desolate. But when you live in Chicago I doubt many places would compete.

-Really Good
I’m hoping my 50-min layover in Vegas is a bounty of cash.

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There’s An App For That: Liam’s Walk Of Shame

This is a simple play on words.

The title of this post makes little sense.

But in my short time as a dad, watching Liam walk – actually full out big-kid walk – toward me with a huge smile on his face is one of the cooler feelings I’ve ever had. There was no shame in this walk. That phrase was used to increase readership. He has come leaps and bounds in his walking career over the last 10 days.

Watching Liam walk around the SulliCondo is a reality TV show. He’s not the first one-year old to look funny walking, but I love it. Congrats to Liam!

More congrats is in order for SulliMom who joined her intelligent husband in the world of iPhones last night. I hope she doesn’t drop it – no insurance. Like an infant, I’ve started her with the sippy cup of iPhones, the 3Gs. (I have the Nuk of iPhones, the 3G) We’ll see if she “walks” before she crawls.

READ IT: My good friend and birthday boy John Jaramillo has done what I’ve lobbied for for many years – begin blogging. The Stockyardsman will be the start of a professional blogging career for J-JAR. Mark my words – there’s no one better at humorous, fun and insightful writing than this guy. Follow him now while he’s still meat and potatoes. Happy Birthday John!

LISTEN TO/WATCH UIC SOFTBALL: Congrats to UIC softball – they’ve advance the Horizon League semifinals today at 1:30 PM. Check out Marathon Man on HLN live from Rogers Park. Good luck Flames.

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Sweet New Rides

As Liam starts to truly walk and become foot-mobile, it’s a pair wheeled vehicles that have piqued the one-year-old’s interest.

Liam cruising on the trike. (still working on pedaling)

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and the Little Tikes Trike have become new favorites.

We don’t have any room to park these contraptions but we knew that we may run into that issue when we purchased the place. I mean, parents who continue to have kids when living in small spaces should be reprimanded.

It was quite fun for Liam to share his birthday with his family, especially cousins Tess and Owen. It will be fun to watch these nerds (and future cousins) grow up together. We want to thank all of our friends and family for their generous gifting to Liam. He’s a lucky kid.

All of the gifts were great but it was his mom’s baking that makes the boys in the family really excited. Check out Liam’s destruction of his birthday cake!

Mmmm, cake.

In fact, prior to composing this post I downed extra homemade frosting Molly threw together for the cake and cupcakes.

BIG WEEKEND: In addition to Mother’s Day, it’s a busy weekend for me this weekend. I’ll be announcing the Wisconsin Marathon Saturday morning followed by a three-game UIC baseball series with #9 Georgia Tech at The Mill.

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Liam’s Birthday And His New Job: Big Brother

Liam, Day One.

A year ago tonight, Liam Fredric Sullivan arrived into the world.

That was a really cool night. I’ll never forget it. Fast forward to tonight and the last 365 days have been really cool, too. For example, Liam now walks a bit. He uses a spoon fairly well. He can give high-fives. He says Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He also destroys food. He smiles a lot.

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

Liam and his Birthday Cupcake. Stuffing His Face.

Enjoy it buddy because you’re about to become a big brother. We have the ultrasound photos to prove it.

Liam on Easter

That’s right, SulliBaby II is scheduled to arrive November 1. We couldn’t be happier. Perhaps a little sooner than was printed in the family syllabus, the anticipation of Liam’s sibling is already building quickly.

Check out the latest photos in the SulliAlbum stretching back to the Blizzard of 2011.

The blog is back, just like MJ wearing the Four – Five.

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