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SulliMom Is Elite Like ‘Dawgs And Wins Pampers Too

SulliMom ignoring prenatal education to check on her Bulldogs. I didn't blame her.

We swaddled that baby so good it rained diapers

Much was discussed about the Childbirth class-BU hoops game conflict.

In the end, the correct decision was made. SulliParents attended class, learned a few things with fingers close to PDAs at all times and took home some winnings of their own while Butler took care of business in Salt Lake City, advancing to its first Elite 8.

SulliDad’s predicted final of 60-59 nearly came to fruition despite the Bulldogs not needing OT to evacuate the Orange from the dance floor, 63-59. (Cascada reference)

As we watch the replay on DVR, I have a ton of feelings:

-I’m very happy for Molly. I know how much she loves her alma mater.
-I’m also ecstatic for SulliCousin Erin and her husband Paul–both BU grads–who were big-time runners for the ‘Dawgs distance crew.
-I’m happy for my HS pal Eric Yates who pitched for BU when the Bulldogs were excelling in the MCC/HL during the late ’90’s.
-How about Maureen Cassidy–beloved wife of my guy Mike Cassidy–who is a very proud Butler grad.
-And, even someone I don’t know, Dave Juday, ESPN Radio 1000 personality who attended BU and introduced the Cassidy’s. Very happy.
-I can’t imagine how great it must feel to be the BU staff–a ton of great people who reside in Hinkle.
-All of Molly’s BU pals (many of whom have blogs; links to the right) who are fervent Butler fans. I’m humming the Butler War Song for you.
-Last but not least–SulliBrother-in-Law Patrick Stearns who knows the game and respects the Butler Way.
-Pure jealousy. I’m jealous.
-I feel a little bad for Marathon Man Adam Levinson, but since his Yankees have won 27 championships and he’s witnessed a ‘Cuse title, not too bad. But I applaud his sportsmanship.

This is an awfully big deal and I can’t say I’m surprised. What’s scary is that BU hasn’t played its best ball yet during the tournament. I think there’s a very good chance they return to Indy as part of the Final Four. This also makes Butler an automatic preseason Top 5 team in the fall. Do you think it’s good karma that the actual floor to be used at the Final Four next weekend was at Hinkle Fieldhouse today?

Plus, each win means a ton of $$ for the Horizon League and in turn, UIC and our student athletes. So yes, I’m pulling for them.

Lost in the hoopla of the Butler win was our win during a swaddle and diaper changing contest that coincided with halftime of the BU-SU tilt. We used the SulliWay as members of our team to do our part. We won 20 diapers for our efforts.

IRONIC STORY: We learned why some babies enter the world with a cone-shaped melon tonight. This reminded of a story I read about Scoop Jardine, the exciting Syracuse guard from Philly. He became Scoop because when he exited the womb his head resembled an ice cream scoop according to his grandmother.

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Basketball Or Birth?…Birth With Basketball

As was posed in a previous post, Basketball or Birth?, a decision has been made.

The answer, despite an overwhelming 95% of poll participants voting for Basketball, is an option not provided in the poll: Birth with Basketball.

We will have iPhone and Blackberry on gametracker as we follow Butler-Syracuse in the Sweet 16 live from birthing class. The contest also will be recorded via DVR and if the game possesses highlights wanted by SulliMom it will be watched.

It’s important for us to be present at this class. It’s also important that Molly’s heart rate remain at a comfortable level. Over the weekend that was not the case. Hopefully the inability to watch the action will result in calmer heart activity for mother and child.

Thank God for technology. Wish us luck. To Adam Levinson, the Syracuse Marathon Man, best of luck to your Orange.

Final prediction from SulliDad: Butler 60, Syracuse 59 (OT)

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Basketball Or Birth?

That is the question for Thursday evening.

The NCAA men’s basketball Sweet 16 gets underway just a few days from now, including an intriguing clash between Syracuse and Butler from Salt Lake City March 25.

Also tipping off is the fourth and final birth prep class. Now, we may have accidentally missed the class last Thursday as basketball and burgers reared their ferocious and tasty heads.

What to do this week…